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Fredgy - only you Fredgy - only you

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Classing Classing

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The reverbs sound good!

And so do other things. Something that stands out is the slow harmonic language and how fluid it is when it changes. Something that's difficult to achieve with a slower pace.

It seems like the piece is too short for the amount of material you put into it. It feels like there were too many ideas for its length, which is also good because it means that it has a lot of potential. There wasn't a lot tying it together, though the instrumentation and tonal centers at the beginning and end helped. The pared down instrumentations in these sections sounded very nice. Ugh, I just wish this piece were longer!

Anyway, good job!

A Simple Piano Loop A Simple Piano Loop

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I'm assuming that you got such a high score because it was used in a Clock Crew submission. I generally enjoy music with a little more complexity and anti-suck.

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Improvisation Nr 2 Improvisation Nr 2

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Was this whole thing improv, or did you plan any of it beforehand? Quite good for improv, either way. I do a lot of improv, but I'm primarily a modal composer, so I'm not so great with improvising tonally, or with conventional melodies. Anyway, it's good for improv, though the chords are kind of stock (some circle of 5ths progressions, if I'm not mistaken).

"Deep in Aquamarine" "Deep in Aquamarine"

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Quite good

I don't know why the idiots on NG vote 0s on anything that's original. This piece is a lot better than most of the populist crap on the front page. I really like how you blend the chords into each other and lead into the next chords. Your progression isn't conventional, which is nice. I see you use the mixolydian mode again toward the end, and it sounds nice. I like the clarinet part, it fits nicely into the background. The only thing I would suggest would be more dynamic contrast, namely that your pieces in general needs more "highs." I enjoy the hushed quality of your music, but it would be nice to see what else you can do. Good music!

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"Running into Hope" "Running into Hope"

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I really like your use modes in this piece. The tone of the piece is very nice. It's subdued, yet still sticks to major modalities (mixolydian is useful for that, isn't it?). Some of the mild dissonance in the beginning is really interesting. Also, really good use of percussion, a lot of people go overboard with percussion (i.e. anything on the front page or anything with "epic" in the title). The orchestration sounds professional, too. I enjoyed how different instruments just faded in, like the piano. Just curious, what is the orchestration?

Anyway, good job, I don't know why all of the original sounding stuff ends up with low scores.

Roy00 responds:

Thanks! but im not sure what you're asking by what is the orchestration. all i could say is that everything i do is original and that this is my first song done by a newer version of Finale 2009. i thought it would be a good twist to put in some percussion for once.

%heil% Mixed Up %heil% Mixed Up

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Obvious troll is obvious.

Heil responds:


Dromanisqatsi III Dromanisqatsi III

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I started a piece that sounds sorta like this one, but it sucked and I never finished it. I like your use of minimalism.

SeamlessR - Classical Change SeamlessR - Classical Change

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good

It feels too repetitive sometimes, like there wasn't a good enough reason to repeat a melodic segment one more time. This makes the piece feel longer than it is. More dynamic contrast and varying of voices when repeating sections will help prevent this.

SeamlessR - Drum SeamlessR - Drum

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I like the spaces of silence... I don't even know how to write for percussion, lol!