Good ol' NG

2011-05-17 09:56:16 by El-Scotto1

Just attempted to re-enter the audio portal again with a piano improv that I felt appealed somewhat to more mainstream tastes and was well done enough, but in less time than it takes to listen to the track, it was 0'd. Typical. I understand that I may not be the best composer out there or the best composer on NG, but I'd like to think my music isn't the worst on the scale. Simply because I don't write rip-offs of Howard Shore tracks with EPIC STORMDRUM doesn't mean my music deserve a 0. Sure, maybe the voter just doesn't like it, but really, is it really that bad?

Anyway, I listened a bit to the first page of audio files and it seems like the NG 12-year-olds can't get enough of LOTR soundtrack imitators, so I think I'll just sit this out until people wake up. Remember back when people like WinterWind were at the top? His early tracks may not have been the most original either, but they were still way better than the stale "battle theme" knock-offs that appear on the top rated by the dozen. Of course, there is still a chance you'll encounter something that isn't EPIC sounding, but only if accompanied by a drum machine. I miss the old days of the audio portal.

For the couple of people who still want to follow me, I also have a YouTube account at tions/

Done with NG audio

2010-08-12 13:30:32 by El-Scotto1

I will be pulling all of my audio off NG relatively soon, for the maybe 2 people who care. For a while now I've only used it for hosting purposes, rather than posting it specifically for NG. However, the low ratings my music get are not something I wish to show off, even though I don't put much stock in them. I don't fit the audience of NG, like a few other low-rated composers on here that I think are quite talented. Because my music doesn't use percussion, battle themes, or Chopin bass, there isn't much of a place for me here.

If you still want to follow my music, I have a music page on Facebook (Scott Keegan) and a small site ( If you happen to be in Germany early October, I'm having Episodes performed by Plathner's 11 in a concert series, a group consisting of German Grammy nominated and other award-winning musicians. The concerts are free if you happen to be in the Hanover area.

Nobody will probably read this or give a shit, but goodbye anyway.